Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#75~ Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika- School Uniform

FOR THE LAST POST OF THE YEAR 2013, we had this request for the school uniform from the anime stated above!!! Hope you have a happy new year! Chances are you'll be reading this when it's not new year or not even close at all, but hope 2014 will become even better for the Animal Crossing community!!!

Socks: White Tights
Shoes: Brown Pumps

#74~ Hetalia- Prussia

Today for our SECOND TO LAST POST OF THE YEAR 2013, we have Prussia from Hetalia!!!
This one was a request, and is his blue suit since most Hetalia characters have many outfits. Hope you have a happy new year!!! I AM AWSOME!!!

Pants: Dry-Denim Pants
Shoes: Steel Toed Boots/ Black Rain Boots

Sunday, December 29, 2013

#73~ Just Dance 2- Crazy in Love

Today we have a dress from the game Just Dance 2. She is the dance coach for the song Crazy in Love by Beyoncé, which sadly has a cover :(

Accessory: Pilot Shades/ Aviator Shades
Shoes: Purple Pumps

Saturday, December 28, 2013

#72~ Zero No Tsukaima- Louise Françoise Leblanc de la Vallière

Here have the request for Louise, Saito's "owner". She is the definition of tsundere, and is bad at using magic. However, she is capable of using void magic, the most powerful magic known in there world, but she still has a horrible time trying to use it.

Socks: Black Tights
Shoes: Tasseled Loafers

If you don't like the robe, there is a robeless version which is here, and it uses the same socks and shoes as the top one.

Friday, December 27, 2013

#71~ Just Dance 2- Toxic

We have a song from the older Just Dance game! We have Toxic by Brittany Spears. The nurse's cap is close enough so I decided to make the outfit. The hair style is a little off, but you can change that yourself.

Hat: Nurse's Cap
Shoes: Purple Pumps

#70~ Hetalia- England

We have England from Hetalia, since it was requested. England is a human representative of the actual country, and has black magic. He also is intolerable to alcohol, and has a very interesting  relationship with France. He is also the one who raised America when he was little.

Pants: Kappa Pants
Shoes: Steel Toed Boots/ Black Rain Boots

I also made the flag incase you want to use it to remake your furniture with it or make it your flag.

Monday, December 23, 2013

#69~ K Project- Kuroh Yatogami

The last of our requests today is from the anime K-project. This is the first time I got my character girl hair, and it was hard to decide whether to make this a dress or a normal shirt. If you have any requests, please refer to the top tab that says something about requests.

Socks: Black Stockings/ Gray Stockings (For the illusion of pants)
Shoes: Basketball shoes, Any other white shoes

#68~ La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia- Luca

So we had a request for Luca from the anime listed in the title, and yes we know the hat is off. A hat that we need is the flamenco hat which is Europe exclusive and was distributed in Europe last month for Nintendo zones, and I live in the U.S. :( So if you're lucky, then you might have it :D.

Hat: Flamenco Hat/ Grandpa Hat
Pants: Black Formal Pants
Shoes: Any black shoes (e.g. Black Loafers)