Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#222~ Plastic Memories- Isla

Here we have Isla from the anime Plastic Memories! I recreated the work area that they worked in, and I also created her hair. How do you get her hair? Move the meter toward casual, messy, and you'll get better. You should get the hair-style with 3 pigtail thingys (sorry I don't know what to call them XD)  then use the QR code up above and you have the hair that I used in the model pics. Hope you like it! If you think you can do better hair, be my guest!

Hat: QR code up above
Shoes: Basketball Shoes

#221~ Plastic Memories- Tsukasa Mizugaki

Going back to an anime from last year that I really liked: Plastic Memories! This anime was very feelsy (you can tell from the start) but regardless of what people say, I think it was a good anime and worth watching.

Pants: Black Formal Pants
Shoes: Green Buckle Shoes

Saturday, June 25, 2016

#220~ Assassination Classroom- Koro-sensei

To celebrate the Assassination Classroom anime coming to a close, I decided to make Koro-sensei! I could make more of the characters, but all the students have different variations of the uniform, so I might just make Nagisa?

Hat: QR code up above
Socks: Black Stockings (sorry, no yellow stockings)
Shoes: Yellow Rain Boots (recommended), or use any other yellow shoes.

#219~ Pokemon (anime)- Nurse Joy

Despite being the Nurse Joy from the anime, I decided to do the background from the ORAS games. Hope you'll come back soon!

Hat: Nurse's Cap
Shoes: White Patent Shoes/ White Leather Shoes

Friday, June 24, 2016

#218~Pokemon(anime)- Officer Jenny

For some throwback, here is Officer Jenny from the pokemon anime! Expect more pokemon in the future!

Hat: Pilot Hat
Pants: Black Pumps

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#217~ Just Dance 2016- Uptown Funk (4)

The last of the Uptown Funk spam. Hope you enjoyed these, they took a while to create without a break. BTW I didn't realize how revealing this design was going to be, sorry for those who care! The fur was fun to make though!

Hat: Straw Hat
Pants: Dry Denim Pants
Shoes: Black Pumps

#216~ Just Dance 2016- Uptown Funk (3)

The 3/4 design from Uptown Funk. For this one, the glasses could be different depending on what you have, as long as they have the circle design.

Hat: Grandpa Hat
Accessory: Gracie Glasses/ Huge Shades
Pants: Orange Pants
Shoes: Any black shoes (e.g. tasseled loafers)

#215~ Just Dance 2016- Uptown Funk (2)

The 2/4 characters from Uptown Funk. This one has it's own hat, oh boy! Also wish the game had purple shorts...

Hat: Design up above
Accessory: Thick Glasses
Pants: Relay Shorts/ Blue Gym Shorts
Socks: Formal Socks
Shoes: Green Buckle Shoes