Friday, July 18, 2014

#145~ Design Zone Originals- Design Zone Jacket

To introduce the Design Zone line of clothing, we are releasing the Design Zone jacket! It's been a while since motivation for a original has appeared but now I am posting this for those who like our designs, support us, want to help advertise, etc. Hope you enjoy, and I hope for more originals in the future!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#144~ Disgaea- Etna

Today we have 3/3 of the requests for characters from Disgaea. To find the other codes, click the All QR codes tab up above and find Disgaea. It's in alphabetical order so you should be able to find it. This dress I dreaded since it's mostly exposed, but I actually like it a lot. Hope you enjoy! We always take requests!

Shoes: Black Rain Boots/ Steel Toed Boots

#143~ Disgaea- Flonne

Here is 2/3 of requests for characters from Disgaea. Enjoy! We always take requests, anime or video games! Also, to find the other requests, click the All QR codes tab up above.

Hat: Blue Ribbon
Shoes: White Patent Shoes

Saturday, July 12, 2014

#142~ Disgaea- Laharl

So I usually don't like to do exposed bodies, but requests are requests! This is 1/3 requests from the anime Disgaea. Disgaea is a game and an anime as well as a manga. Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for the next characters! If you're reading this in the future, then check the All QR codes tab up above to see if I finished already.

Hat: (Optional, but flowers don't seem pretty manly :P) Flower Bobber
Pants: Red Gym Shorts
Shoes: Laced Shoes

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#141~ One Piece- Monkey D. Luffy

Here we have Luffy. Since we had a request for something One Piece related, I decided to do the simplest answer to the request. I saw requests for anime like this (other examples like Naruto, Bleach, etc.) to come eventually and it took longer than I expected. However, you can find lots of good ones out there. Just google it! Hope you enjoy, and will gladly do ANY request!!!

Hat: Straw Hat
Pants: Relay Shorts
Shoes: Ninja Sandals

#140~ Mirai Nikki- Gasai Yuno

Here we have the infamous, Gasai Yuno, the popular yandere. If you only know her as a yandere and haven't actually watched the anime, then you might as well watch it. I decided to watch it and it was pretty good! I'm not gonna spoil anything, just watch it.

Socks: White Stockings
Shoes: Brown Pumps